New book

Litteratur inter artes. Nordisk litteratur i samspill med andre kunstarter.



New book

My recent book publication:

Traumets betydning i norsk samtidslitteratur. Fagbokforlaget, Bergen, 2016.

Traumets betydning


Current research project

A current research project focuses on trauma and trauma narratives in modern literature.

Here is our project website.

In June, 6-8, 2012, we are arranging an interdisciplinary conference,

After the Crisis 



Three of my English articles on Norwegian classics

On Amalie Skram:

The Struggle for the Body. Hysteria and Rebellion in Amalie Skram’s Novel Professor Hieronimus

Scandinavian Studies, vol. 75, No. 1, 2003



On Henrik Ibsen:

   What did Nora Do? Thinking Gender with A Doll’s House, Ibsen Studies, vol 2, 2005




On Knut Hamsun:

  A Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man. Knut Hamsun’s On Overgrown Paths.

  In Dingstad (eds.): Knut Hamsun: Transgression and Worlding, 2011


Gender is a main perspective in my research

I am author and editor of Nordisk kvinnelitteraturhistorie, volume 4: 1960-1990 (1997).

The History of Nordic Women’s Literature is now available in full text online.

My recent publication is a portrait of Hanne Ørstavik:


I have written the article “Kjønnets dilemma. Feminisme og litteraturforskning”. Edda, nr 1, 2001. The article is published in Swedish, in Åsa Arping and Anna Nordenstam (eds.): Genusvetenskapliga litteraturanalyser (2005, 2010).

I have written “Kjønnets materialitet eller materialitetens kjønn? En diskusjon av Judith Butlers Bodies that Matter“, Tidsskrift for kjønnsforskning, 4/2008.

A current project is this – in cooperation with Professor Paul Leer-Salvesen and PhD student Helle Ingeborg Mellingen.

Project website here: Diskurser om ekteskap og seksuelle minoriteter

We have published this anthology: Til rette ektefolk. Holdninger til homofili og ekteskap 


I love poetry

My research on poetry includes several studies on Norwegian and Nordic poets.

Eg vil synleggjere verden.” En studie i Paal-Helge Haugens forfatterskap. Hovedoppgave (master thesis), Universitetet i Oslo, 1982.

“Paal-Helge Haugen” in Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 297, Bruccoli Clark Layman 2004

My most recent article on Paal-Helge Haugen is published in Norsk avantgarde (2011).

I have edited the Festschrift Poesi på alle kantar. Cappelen Damm 2015.


Together with Sigrid Bø Grønstøl I have written Tanke til begjær. Nylesingar i nordisk lyrikk. The book includes essays on Edith Södergran, Solveig von Schoultz, Aslaug Vaa, Halldis Moren Vesaas, Inger Hagerup, Gunvor Hofmo, Marie Takvam, Eldrid Lunden, and Pia Tafdrup.







A favorite poet is Eldrid Lunden. I have published two books, one in Norwegian and one in English:

Dialog. Eldrid Lundens lyrikk 1968-2005







Dialogues in Poetry. An Essay on Eldrid Lunden


I am member of the Nordic network Modernism in Nordic Poetry, which has published four anthologies, one of them edited by me and Per Bäckström:

Samspill mellom kunstartene. Modernisme i nordisk lyrikk 4


Another is edited by me and Stefan Kjerkegaard:

Diktet utenfor diktsamlingen. Modernisme i nordisk lyrikk 6

Diktet utenfor diktsamlingen

In the volume Kjønnskrift / Kønskrift / Könskrift.Modernisme i nordisk lyrikk 7

(edited by Hadle Oftedal Andersen, Johan Alfredsson and Sussanne Kemp)

I have written the article “Avantgardens kamp med kjønnet. Fahlströms, Højholts og Thomsens poetiske manifester”


Body representation in literature is a fascinating  topic!

For some years (app. 2000-2004) I was head of a research project on the meaning of the body, including Christine Hamm (post.doc.), Lars Rune Waage (PhD student) and Bente Velle Hellang (PhD student). Publications from the project:

Kroppens betydning i norsk litteratur 1800-1900





Den litterære kroppen. Artikler om kropp og tekst fra Edda til i dag.





Much of my later research has also dealt with bodies in literature, for instance

Between Experience and Representation: Intimacy and Identity in Texts by Vita Andersen and Marion Hagen, Scandinavian Studies, Vol 81, 2009.